1oz HALO 500mg Multi-Spectrum Terpene Water Soluble Nano-Hemp Drops

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HALO Multi-Spectrum Nano Hemp Drops You deserve the best of the best - here's the new leader in wide-spectrum terpenoid targeting, marking the peak of consumer blends for both purity and efficacy. Each bottle of our specially formulated HALO hemp drops begins with clear Organic Coconut oil which is infused with Spectrumene™, our proprietary multi-spectrum blend of 11 terpenes that naturally enhances the effects of Hemp and is combined with 550mg (actual) of nano infused, water-soluble pure Hemp isolate resulting in an advertised 500mg per 30ml bottle. Effective delivery is .555mg per drop, or 16.666mg per 1ml.

HALO™ is made from real hemp plants, and has been enhanced for maximum shelf life and maximum bio-absorption giving our customers full strength Hemp for every day of the month in all 50 States and virtually every country.

- No other company matches our quality or price -

Purity: We Only Use Imported, HPLC Certified Pure Hemp Isolate. Our pure hemp oil is GMO free and not a chemically synthesized form of Hemp.

Contents Per Bottle: 500mg of our Hemp in 1 fl.oz. (30ml) of Organic Coconut Oil plus Spectrumene™

Concentration: 1.0mL (30 drops or 1 Dropper) contains 16.666mg of pure hemp isolate

Serving Size: 1.0ml per day

All orders come with the current printed and certified lab COA and Terpene analysis plus a purity guarantee that no other provider can offer.

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